Life at Achievers

Achievers Student Council

First hand experience in how major events such as Achievers Premier League, Kobe Cup, JBN Awards are budgeted and how management skills apply to make these events a reality.

Graduation & Awards Night

The most awaited night at Achievers where the students get appraised for their achievements in studies and activities. We give our young achievers the right stage and the right setting to feel the way they deserve.

Achievers Rotaract & Leo Clubs

The Rotaract & Leo Clubs give you an edge in the corporate world with opportunities to take control of a Board by improving public speaking and helping the country by organizing large scale events.

Board Room Challenge

A challenging event where students are placed into four teams, where they are required to prepare a presentation based on a common topic and present it in front of judges who are decision makers from various corporate companies.

Achievers Premier League

A day for students to pause their studies and prove their skills in sports activities! the APL or Achievers Premier League will include various entertaining sports such as Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tug-of-war and various other sports activities.

Study Group

The goal of a Study Group is to prepare for the upcoming mock exams before the end of the syllabus. Doing well in your Study Group can be the difference between passing your final exams with a 50% score or scoring 90% on all your subjects.